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What to Declutter During Quarantine and What to Do with the Stuff

Those of you who want to tackle some decluttering projects while at home I would suggest thinking small. Since there are no donation places open it’s hard to do any big organizing projects with no place to take them. Haulers are considered essential so they can come pick up trash and donations for a fee. If we haven’t worked together recently or at all I encourage you to do so smaller projects like emptying your junk drawer, tackling the linen closets(pet shelters are still open and would love your old towels and sheets, call your local shelter to confirm), cleaning out your sock drawers(toss all the single socks and consider buying all the same color athletic and dress socks going forward to cut down on sock sorting time), undies drawer, pajamas or going through your closet and pull out anything that you don’t love or wear.

Places to donate clothing/ shoes/accessories:

1. I found two free standing donation bins in my area where you can drop clothes and shoes. I wasn’t sure where they were in my area so I put a request out on our Nextdoor community app and someone responded with a location. If you don’t have Nextdoor in your area you can reach out to your local moms groups or any local FB groups.

2. A company that is accepting new or gently worn shoes is Soles for Souls. They distribute shoes throughout the U.S. and the world(through Zappos For Good during Covid-19). Pack shoes in a box, print a FREE shipping label and drop off at a UPS store. For more info click here

3. An option for donating OR selling your clothes is a company called Thred Up. They will send you a clean out kit or selling kit. Check out the details

4. If you have unused cardboard boxes you can fill them with household items and ship them for FREE to needy families. Check the link for donating LEGOS on this site also. Many families with kids have tons of extra pieces laying around.

Places to sell clothing/ shoes/accessories

I don’t usually encourage clients to sell their clothes and shoes online because it doesn’t usually happen. We get busy and the bag of “sell items” gets pushed down on the priority list BUT since some of us have a little bit more time on our hands give these a try.

1. Poshmark for higher end clothing/shoes/accessories

2. DPop for more trendy clothing/shoes/accessories

3. Etsy for vintage or costume jewelry or anything handmade

4. Ebay for everything else

5. Thred Up where you can donate or sell clothing

This is also a great job for a teenager who wants to make a little extra cash during this unusual time. I’m having my daughter list some things for me. I don’t have the patience for listing things but she likes it. It’s a win-win!

Happy selling!

I’m now offering Virtual Organizing so if you don’t want to wait for your city to open back up to work in person we can work virtually via Facetime, Zoom or by phone and email if you don’t have access to a computer. There will not be a four hour minimum per session so this may be a less expensive option for you if you’ve been wanting to try using a professional organizer. I’m offering a special discounted rate of $50/hr until the end of May as we both learn to navigate this new normal. We’ll have a phone consultation first to develop a plan of action such as what area to tackle first and what supplies you’ll need before the session. I will instruct you on what to do, give you “homework” and be your accountability coach.

Please know if you’re feeling overwhelmed or alone don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to see how I can help.

While life may seem out of our control remember to:

· Stay calm

· Stay at home

· Stay Informed

· Stay healthy

· Stay grateful

· Stay entertained

· Stay connected

If there are any topics you’d like more information about don’t hesitate to let me know.

All my best!

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