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What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing is a process of getting organized through remote work sessions led by a Professional

Organizer via video chat, telephone, e-mail, digital photos and/or videos. Some or all of the

technology mentioned above may be used. What combination will depend on you and your level of comfort

with technology.


Virtual Organizing is a great way to get the guidance, support, and accountability of a Professional Organizer

without one having to be physically in your home. The process will be the same as in person organizing with

the exception that the hands-on work will be done by the client instead of the organizer.

We will first discuss your goals, your challenges, and the areas you need assistance with. Next, we will walk

through what you’ll need to get started and develop an action plan for when our session is over and you’re

working on your own. In between sessions I’ll check in on your progress and answer any questions that come







What are the benefits of Virtual Organizing?

-You can live anywhere in the world and have access to a professional organizer.

-The cost is lower because you are not required to have a minimum of a 4 hour session like with in person

organizing? A typical session that includes one area of your home is 1-2 hours including check ins between


-Scheduling is more flexible than in person organizing

-You get to work at your own pace.

-By doing the hands-on work yourself you are more likely to learn lasting organizing skills


Ask yourself these questions to determine if Virtual Organizing is right for you?

-Are you physically able to do the hands-on organizing yourself or have a family member or friend who can

assist you?

-Are you good at working on your own once you’re given an action plan that includes where to begin and what

to work on?

-Do you have a strong internet/wifi connection?

-Are you able to use a video conferencing system like Zoom or FaceTime?

-If you’re not comfortable with video conferencing are you able to take photos and/or videos with your phone

and text them to me before our sessions?

-Do you have access to email to read my action plan and product suggestions?

-Have we done in person organizing in the past and you need additional organizing suggestions and motivation

before our next session?

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