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Live Life Uncluttered

Professional Home Organizing 

Less Stuff, More Experiences

The Process 

Step 1


 A free 30 minute phone call to get an overview of your home, determine the timeline for your project, and discuss the vision you have for your space.


Step 2


In home walk through to get more familiar with the spaces you want to tackle. This can also be done by sending photos.


Step 3


Our First Session:

​ We work side by side to sort by category and edit what you no longer love, use or need. We organize and      create permanent homes for your belongings. You will more easily find things, put them away quickly, and in the right spot. For items being donated, I include a drop off to the nearest charitable location, free of charge. If necessary, I measure and purchase organizing supplies and labels.

Step 4


You enjoy your newly organized home, the extra time you created by not having to spend a lot of time looking for things, and the freedom you have created in your life to do the things you really want to do.


My Services


Residential projects 

Whole house organization 

Room organization:






Kid's rooms/playrooms

Home Office


Downsize your belongings 

Unpack from a move

Declutter and stage home using existing furniture and decor

Virtual Organizing 


  California: $75/hr 

South Carolina/ Georgia: $65/hr

Personal Desk


"Christine is a delightful person who assesses your needs and goals and works with you to meet them. She is not pushy, but she is firm and a focused professional. We worked together over a period of several weeks. She has changed my way of thinking. I plan on hiring her on a regular basis to keep my cluttering in check. It's money well spent."

~Lyn C. 


"Christine helped me organize a very messy and disorganized linen closet that I have avoided cleaning. She arrived on time and was easy to work with. Christine asked a lot of questions and I was given a variety of options. She made wonderful suggestions and I never felt judged or embarrassed about my disorganized mess. She inspired me to tackle some other projects."

~Amy G.​


"I was referred to Live Life Uncluttered by a friend of mine to take a look at our master bedroom closet which hadn't been organized in any shape or form for over 25 years. It had clothes piled up all over the walk in closet and after three hours, there were several bag loads of clothes that were ready to be donated and the complete closet was organized by color and with lots of spare space. The work quality and the professionalism were immaculate. I will be glad to recommend the services to my friends."

~Anil G. 


"I hired Christine to help me organize my closets and kitchen. She was able to help me prioritize and was very patient with me. After working with her, my house is of course clean, but because I was able to get rid of some clothes I don't need, my life feels lighter and more manageable."

~Christine S. ​



        Southern California : San Gabriel Valley, Pomona Valley ,and surrounding areas 

          South Carolina : Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, and surrounding areas 


Imagine a Life Without Clutter...


1. Are you ready to say good bye to all the "stuff" in your house that no longer serves you or brings you happiness?

2. Do you feel like your "stuff" is weighing you down and preventing you from living your best life?

3. Are you ready to downsize or simplify your belongings so you can have more time, money, and energy to have meaningful experiences with your family and friends?

4. Have you read books, blogs or magazine articles about simplifying, minimizing, or organizing  but don't know where to start? 

5. Do you wish someone like Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or Peter Walsh, organizer for the stars and best selling author of Let It Go, would come to your house and help you get organized?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to work with me to create a calm, clutter-free, organized space.

Call me at (310) 738-7301 to set up a free 20 minute consultation.


Meet the Team

Christine Douglas, Owner
Professional Organizer 






Christine provides simple and personalized organizing solutions for homes with all levels of clutter. She  is a member of the National Association of  Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and a previous director of membership for the Los Angeles Chapter (NAPOLA). She holds certifications in Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding Disorders. In addition she holds a BS in Textiles, Merchandising and Design from the University of Rhode Island and spent a year as a national exchange student at Cal Poly Pomona.  

Christine began her career as a women's clothing department manager at Nordstrom where she learned about customer service, how to train a team, do floor plans, and draw schematics. Through various positions from product buyer, financial buyer and regional merchandiser, she developed her passion for an organized space.

After leaving Nordstrom, Christine dove into the real estate world by buying and selling properties in the San Gabriel Valley, Nevada, and North Carolina. She renovated and staged homes to sell and rent. 

As a professional organizer, Christine works with individuals and families to help them set up a system that best fits their lifestyle and personality. The first step is always to let go of items that no longer support your life goals and values.  

Her mission is to help as many people as possible to be free of their "stuff" so they'll have more time, money, and energy to spend creating memories with their family and friends. Her system for clearing the "stuff" will leave you feeling free and ready for your next adventure.  



Kristen Bergquist
South Carolina Lead Organizer 

Hailing from “the biggest little state in the union“ and after graduating from the state’s college with a BA in psychology, Kristen packed up her VW Golf and drove out to California to join Christine, her dear childhood friend & owner of LLU,  in the Nordstrom, Inc. world.


After a year in Los Angeles, Kristen went south to San Diego to become the Women’s Stylist for the Visual Merchandising Department in the Downtown SD Nordstrom store and to take up residence in a string of seaside cottages, bungalows and tiny apartments to feed her fashion appetite and wanderlust.


Traveling overland from From Costa Rica to Tijuana and living out of a backpack for a year Kristen implemented many strategies to maintain her unique stylist’s wardrobe including a one in/one out method, expert packing/folding techniques, and super organized compartments (all the nooks and crannies!)


Even after that big trip and presently, Kristen has continued to choose to live large in small spaces-from Rhode Island, California, Ecuador and South Carolina where she currently lives in another seaside cottage with her curated wardrobe and 10 year old daughter. 


She has worked for a local construction company and a home staging company where she continues to implement strategies to keep both big warehouse spaces and tiny house living spaces organized and functioning at their maximum potential. 

Kristen isn’t one to shy away from what you throw at her, bring her your big projects or small stuff, she will get you to where (or wear) you want to be or go. She is looking forward to helping you choose to Live Life Uncluttered. 

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20 minute phone consultation. 


Southern California 

South Carolina and Northern Georgia

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